Bensons the Juicers were looking to refresh their digital image, making it easier for users to discover more about their product ranges, company and mission.

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With uniquely interesting roots and a strong brand mission, Bensons’ holds a powerful position as a challenger brand. By creating a destination that tells the brand’s differentiated story we put values at the forefront. It’s about complimenting a natural brand with a natural vision, aligning principles and behaviours and giving users a reason to feel good. Above all, it creates a connection that encourages people to make the jump from curious to customer.

Bensons JOOSED! bottles

guilt-free and natural

From conflicting messaging and fighting content, we simplified, refined and re-energised the Benson’s digital offering. Starting with the development of the master brand and individual personalities for each of the ranges, we then provided a singular site strategy that would work across all products.

Bensons the Juicers brand redesign IA

By creating a more explorative homepage we allowed people to dive straight into the story, uncovering each range of products whilst simultaneously learning where they came from, how they are made, and what makes them special. This experiential user journey brings the most relevant information to the forefront.

A fully responsive experience across any device
giving the user more value
Bensons product personalities and character
adding a little personality
Entrance points to the entire Bensons product range
encouraging exploration of the brand

From the start we gave the user a reason to believe, nurturing buying intent and creating a natural path from research and evaluation, through to purchase. We applied this model across the site, meshing journeys coherently with the brand’s social channels to engage and excite their audience.

Added value content giving users reasons to believe in Bensons

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