The Maersk Group wanted a more natural way to talk to their audiences that would make data more meaningful and get straight to the heart of their business.

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every continent has a story to tell

Storytelling is best told in a clear, user-driven way. We saw an opportunity to tell Maersk’s story through the stories of real businesses around the world, increasing the presence of the brand and its values.


a friend to the trader

We created, produced and delivered 11 stories, each building upon the Maersk ethos, and reflecting the companies work in growing economies across the globe.

In telling real stories about real businesses we aimed to connect with the audience on an emotional level, sparking understanding and setting the company apart not only as an enabler of business, but also as a friend to the trader.

We combined multiple formats and information sources to draw readers in, helping them to engage, interact and explore content the way that they wanted to.

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