Turner Broadcasting asked us to help raise awareness of Cartoon Network’s hit TV show, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, prior to the launch of its new season.

project services
  • campaign
  • creative concepting
  • interaction design + build

become a pupil

Gumball’s 6-11 year old audience are more than just passive observers. They want to become part of each story and explore as they wish. Working closely with Cartoon Network, we designed and built an immersive microsite that allowed fans to enrol at ‘Elmore Junior High’ and become an official pupil.

become a pupil

gamifying the school day

Once enrolled, new students were free to roam the corridors, with exclusive access to areas such as the cafeteria and the library. We wanted to give users a truly authentic experience, allowing them to explore what really goes on at Elmore Junior High.

We created several themed rooms, each containing an immersive experience. This provided an enticing and engaging way for users to learn about the school. Visitors were encouraged to return to the site throughout the campaign to complete daily tasks, quizzes and games.

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