As MSIF’s campaign partners for three years, we developed an annual global campaign for World MS Day, building awareness of MS and the barriers it presents.

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activating a social movement

MS is an invisible disease which means awareness across the world is often low. By inviting people to submit their personal ‘One day’ wishes, we aimed to create a place where individuals could share their dreams for the future. Turning a little-known condition into a cause that people across the world could stand up for.


one day...

We created a centralised destination hub that allowed people to share their ‘One day…’ wish with the world. Using banners, press ads and social activation, the campaign built up engagement – driving visitors to the campaign site.

And on World MS Day, the Wish Wall was unveiled, inviting users on a journey through the stories of real people living with MS and the issues they face everyday.

Beyond the site a local toolkit helped markets to activate the public at a grass-roots level – available in 5 languages, including print, banner ads and social posts, to help markets adapt the campaign to meet local demands.

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