If you aren’t aware that Black Friday is here, you must have been living under a rather dark, rather isolated rock for the past few weeks.

It may be one of the few days in the year where both brands and customers lose their heads, but what happens when Friday turns to Saturday? How can you maintain the buzz?

You may be tempted to ease off on your communications post-Black Friday – to try and ride the wave all the way till Christmas. But if you’re clever there are other ways to keep people coming back for more.

As I hinted above – we’re getting very close to the festive season. The time of year where people are actively looking for deals on the things their loved ones might like.

first things first, don’t forget cyber monday…

On Monday 28th November the deals come online (tbh, they were already online on Black Friday – but this is a dedicated day for you to pull out all the digital stops). The benefit of online is that you can create time sensitive offers, promotions and discounts. Plus, you can leave trails and easter eggs to give customers a fun and engaging shopping experience.


it’s not over yet… how about retargeting tuesday?

Even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people are still on the hunt for good deals, so don’t forget to showcase them. If all the brands around you are having a break – now’s the time to power forward. Retarget your online shoppers and those who abandoned your site after a week of hard deal-hunting. Send out newsletters that remind your customers you’ve still got the great deals, or use digital ads to catch their attention – and heck – don’t forget mobile. Show them how they can still escape the dreaded Christmas mark-ups and get the things they want at a good price.

So now you know, it’s not over after Black Friday unless you want it to be…

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