With the Super Bowl fast approaching and four American Football games having already been played in the UK, the British public have had a taste of the NFL and aren’t ready to give it up. Now back in the US we’re all ready for the championship to end all championships to finally begin.

Since 2012, one game has been added to the London calendar per year – now at a total of four being played in Wembley and Twickenham – and all a complete sell out.



It’s been amazing to watch the growth of this American sport on British soil. And it’s easy to predict it could be pretty big amongst sports fans in the UK within the next couple of years, but how can marketing help? As Wynne Morgan managing director at M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment once said:


“You only need to look at the impact O2 has had with rugby over the past 20 odd years to see how working well with a sponsor can pay dividends for a sport and team.”

–  Wynne Morgan


So what does American Football need? The sport would have to find funding and a sponsor. With 63 teams from the (BAFA) British American Football Leagues and many more university teams to compete against each other, that shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps Sky sports could be the key to making the NFL big in the UK?




Sponsorship is one thing, but how about raising popularity? How do we get the Super Bowl adopted within the UK digital realm?

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup we worked on a multi-channel campaign encouraging both fans and potential fans to get involved with the competition. By getting to talk about the NFL socially we could raise awareness and engagement, by connecting potential fans with shareable content, enticing the user to connect to the sport on a emotional level.




We definitely look forward to the future of the Super Bowl and it’s traditional half-time show! Happy watching!

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