A while back we took part in a Jaguar Land Rover hack-a-thon – a caffeine-fuelled, roller-coaster ride of a weekend. On the down-side, we didn’t take away the winning trophy (damn those boys over at Plaything 😉 ), but we did take away the seed of an idea that has grown into a project of passion for ourselves.

At it’s heart we realised the need to better integrate digital within the lives of our children; that young families would benefit from quality digital experiences that genuinely encouraged their children to think and behave, in different ways.

Every day I witness children being sucked in by screens. Whether they’re my own children or other people’s. I see them tuning out on an endless feast of satellite channels on the Telebox, mindless apps on iPad or LEGO games on the DS (although I must admit that these are rather good for a half-hour blast!). I worry about my kid’s dis-engagement with the real world, the lack of empathy that can develop from such solitary experiences, and the potential in-ability to develop their own imaginations through not having to think or do.

I also witness how a good book switches them on. How they can talk endlessly about the details held within the Gruffalo or Bear Hunt or, for my eldest, Harry Potter or the latest David Walliams book. The excitement this brings to their worlds. The joy that shines from their eyes and the games they have with their friends.

So the question we asked ourselves was ‘how do we switch them on and take them on a journey? A journey that encourages them to read, play and think outside of their normal boundaries…’

the answer was ‘epic adventures’

A digital and printed book series created to help children fall in love with reading; with every adventure grounded in themes of empathy, tolerance and open-mindedness. Through this we can then encourage them to unleash their imaginations, explore the bizarre, and discover the surreal.

We don’t believe that reading should be the most boring thing you can do on a tablet, so we took storytelling and turned it all the way up to 11!

We’ve already written a number of stories, with some almost fully-illustrated, but we’ve still got a few months of consumer testing and then development ahead of us. So in the mean time, take a trip over to www.theepicadventurers.com and find out a little more about what we’re doing and how things are starting to shape-up.

And if you’re a business or investor who’d like to be a part of helping us build a positive digital foundation for young families (or simply just want to be a part of something truly EPIC!), please do get in touch.

available from summer 2017

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