Let me take you back a couple of weeks… *gets in DeLorean*

It was a week full of revelations – the wonderful Tony Hart sadly passed away – again, Eastenders’ murder mystery came to its climax – oh, Bobby, and Stacey failed her lie detector on Jeremy Kyle. Such shame. Anyway, we needed a good cheering up and the team at Creative Social did just that.

Matt and I headed to the latest instalment of #CSPresents. This month’s theme? Reasons to be cheerful. Perfect.

It was a night full of inspiration, tenacity and PINEAPPLES! But one of the main things we took away from the night was the need to be more fun. Not just myself and Matt, but the industry as a whole. It’s something we’ve been working on here at WLD – if our ideas aren’t sparking curiosity, intrigue or provoking conversation, we haven’t covered the basics.

Rob Mosley, founder of Nonsense, told us “brands should be more fun and irreverent”. “Why? Because consumers are human, and humans like fun.” We were shown Loctite’s latest ad as an example, and guess what? It was fun, irreverent and a load of nonsense, really. But what bloody good nonsense it was. Take a look for yourself…

cos if you make a ting or break a ting it’s no problem…

This isn’t a new trend, far from it. But it’s a trend that’s starting to prosper and get noticed. What with our latest work for Cartoon Network being nominated for a Pixel Award (and hopefully more to come), it just goes to show that fun sells and mischief should be encouraged.

At every stage of WLD’s creative process, from the initial briefing to final development, we embrace nonsense. But it’s never forced – where it has a place we let it live, and where it doesn’t, we keep it for another day. Without a handful of nonsense our work wouldn’t be anywhere near the best it could be. So when you’re looking for the perfect headline, why not stick on some music and just listen. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find hidden in the lyrics – twist, turn and adapt it until it’s right for the client, whoever they may be. As Rob Mosley said, “humans like fun”, and that goes for both consumers and us creatives – no brief is boring unless you make it.

We’d just like to say a huge thank you to Creative Social for, once again, hosting an awesome evening. See you at the next one!

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