it all starts with a change in perspective

To say that 2015 was a rubbish year for We Love Digital is an understatement.

It was a slow build to a perfect storm, made up of many parts, all culminating in a world of pain across the agency.

At the end of the year we paused, took a deep breath and looked at ourselves through fresh eyes. We reminded each other of what was important to us, of why we set-up in the first place, and we started to re-shape around what we saw.

Really it was just a small step sideways, but it took us out of our comfort zone and onto a different path.

We started 2016 as a different company. There’s more of a grass roots feel to us now. It’s a lot closer to who we were when we first started up – the same values that we defined eight years ago – but with the luxury of experience and hindsight added into the mix… and it feels good.

Fundamentally, what we took away from it all is that DNA is everything. The values we hold dear define us as an agency – from our culture and our attitude, to the creative we produce, to our working methods and how we fit together as a team. In particular, we need to keep hold of the startup mentality of getting things moving, trying stuff out, and not being scared to get it wrong.

The point of this retrospective is to say that we know who we are. We accept that we’re an eclectic bunch. And we know who we want to work with in the future – both clients and staff.

People like us. Driven, diverse, excitable, passionate and possibly a little odd. Specialists in our own areas. Human and considerate in how we go about putting it all together. Makers, bakers, and protein shakers! People who are up for a challenge and like getting stuff done.

With this in mind, we’re hiring. And we’re taking a different approach to our targeting. It’s gone a lot more niche (as has our approach to new business). This is a good thing. It means that everything is more focussed and we’re spending energy where it should be spent.

So… where better to test run this new approach than ComicCon London?

Dressed as a giant 8-bit Pikachu, a slightly dirty Ash, and a steampunk-ninja-Ghostbuster hybrid (?!), we set about our shady business. Pushing candy coloured Pokemon veiled propaganda to ComicCon-ners (Poké-ganda?) was like handing out crack to kids. “Gotta catch ’em all” we chanted, as we threw them to the crowds. And our hatch-able Poké Eggs? Next level. (Though I think a closer description is ‘near indestructible’).

Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of our journey into territories strange and… furry. ‘Free hugs’ anyone?

We currently have the following roles available for the digitally switched on: Jnr to Mid-weight User Experience Architect and Mid-weight Project Manager.

If you’re an open minded individual that fits the ‘profile’ described above and are looking for a new home, contact us on and we can swap tawdry tales and have a chat around how we could work together.

Oh, and some where along the line our antics managed to get picked up by the following publications! 🙂

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