To know your user is to love them
Stories generally tend to have a clear start and an inevitable end. But a brand's digital story can evolve and change.
This evolution is rapid with the user embedded at the centre of every stage.
and a brand must tell the right story in order to remain relevant to them
but users don't always behave how we expect them to
now more than ever people have the ability to create their own identities
identities that are no longer defined by demographics or stereotypes
people transcend the categories of age race and culture
empathy needs to beat at the heart of every strategy to make it innovative and sustainable
digital where our conversation with the audience begins
we need to understand who the audience are
what does the audience like
what does the audience dislike
we must ask the audience questions
ask the audience more questions
audience needs sew the seeds of a breakthrough service
on a digital platform you are the users roadmap
make sure the users journey is clear
make it clear to the user
user experience is about every interaction with a brand
your audience is intuitive
every experience shapes a users behaviour
help users to be themselves
giver users an experience they wont forget


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