2016 is the year politics has gone full throttle into the face of social media – from BREXIT to the current U.S. general election.

Both US election candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have stirred up attention (and controversy), much of it either through social media or heightened by it.

U.S. general election Infographic


It’s been easy to confuse the buzz created on Twitter by Clinton and Trump with a mediocre American drama – where strong personalities have taken centre stage to drive the social media freight train.




The average millennial will find it hard to escape the grips of this election without seeing a meme, video or heartfelt post about the event. A huge difference to the last US political election, where the two final runners Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had only dipped their little toes into the web.

126 million people voted in the 2012 election, yet already over 146 million voters have registered for 2016. But the proof will be in the pudding – we shall have to see the percentage of voters that follow through and vote, to see how effective the use of social media has been on enticing them.

If this election is a social success, it will be interesting to see how future campaign strategies incorporate digital into the mix.


And the winner is Donald Trump.

Wow. I guess you could say the future starts here…Election Trump Victory

however, it doesn’t seem everyone shares the same optimism behind ‘make america great again.’

People have flooded to social to express their opinion and to discuss their hopes, disappointments and most of all their fears.


comedian seth mcfarlane writes…



while actor steven seagal congratulated the republican…



Whatever happens now for America, you can guarantee Social channels will have a significant part to play. I recall a marketing strapline I once saw that is eerily fitting to finish on:

“the future’s bright… the future’s orange”

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