opening the door to adventure

Epic Adventures is a series of multi-platform adventure-themed children’s stories and products, underpinned by both strategic and creative narratives.

Made for parents who care about encouraging imagination, creativity and a sense of discovery in their children, while selling a modern-day balance of guilt-free digital and ‘real world’ activities that tap into the parents’ own childhoods and sense of nostalgia.

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a child reading an interactive ipad story app
Beautiful children's illustrations, brought to life across a series of interactive iOS and Android apps.
digital character illustration for children's books
Havoc in a Hippo app design
interactive story app illustration
epic adventures story screen
With spin-off narratives spilling out onto the printed page - bringing a fantastical world into the hands of children of all ages.
children's printed book illustration and story
spud soldiers kid's book illustration
market stand children's book illustration
Villi illustrated character design
Extending the story further still into the 'real world', with activity books, 'how tos', challenges and a subscription based Adventure Club.
kid's adventure journal product development
adventure outdoor activities
digital marketing posts for Epic Adventures
activity book page layout
Social post examples for Epic Adventures
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