creating a brand gateway

People are drawn to stories for many reasons – they support us in our daily lives, pass lessons from generation to generation, and often simply entertain. But whether a narrative is emotionally charged or cognitively compelling, the key lies in creating a connection with your audience.

For Sony, we took digital storytelling back to basics. Taking a look at who they were trying to connect with; what brand and product stories needed to be told; and how they could engage with their markets at both a global and local level.

UX & UI Design //  Design Direction  //  Copy Direction
Turning their consumer profiles into digital personas, we mapped pages and content against their core business journeys and user stories.

The result? A modular, experience framework – beautifully crafted UI, behaviour-driven, developmentally utilitarian – that allowed their communications department to do what they do best: tell the story of this ever-evolving super-brand.

With UI, content and usage guidelines in place, ongoing UX and Design Management keeps the Dotcom on-track and aligned to current strategy.