Activating a global movement

turning a little-known condition into a cause to stand up for

We worked with MSIF to develop a three-year global campaign narrative for World MS Day, bringing together stories and messages of hope for people living with and affected by MS.

Creative Concept  //  UX Design  //  Visual Design  //  Copy  //  Motion Design  //  Development  //  PRINT
MSIF creative concept and campaign
Year one  Using riddles to draw attention to the ambiguity associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Putting the voice of those affected by the disease at the heart of our campaign.
user submission UI card design
charity campaign website design and UI
What's your motto banner
Year Two  Taking a positive stance. We encouraged people to share the mottos that give them strength, providing people with a reason to believe and a reason to share.
user generated quote, to be shared
typographic quote design
positive statement for MS
Year Three  A rallying call for the future. ‘One day…' wishes, offer something powerful to stand behind and fight for.
MSIF charity campaign responsive web design

As well as a centralised hub for the campaigns, local toolkits helped markets activate the public at a grass-roots level, providing the tools needed to share the story globally...

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